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Can you trade Forex without money?

Can you trade Forex without money symbol image

Can you trade Forex without money? The answer is yes, you can. There are many different ways to trade forex without putting any cash down. But before we …


What is equity in forex?

What is equity in forex

When it comes to currency trading, one of the most important concepts to understand is equity in forex. However, let’s first define Forex trading. Forex trading is the …


How Forex Is Taxed

How Forex Is Taxed symbol image

If you’re considering getting into forex trading, and want to learn how forex is taxed, understanding the regulations followed in different countries is essential. Taking where you live …


Are ETFs Liquid?

Are ETFs Liquid

ETFs are a type of investment that trade like a stock on an exchange. They are a popular choice for investors because they offer the ability to diversify …


How to buy ETFs on margin

How to buy ETFs on margin

Beginner investors often ask the question, how to buy ETFs on margin? This is a question that we get a lot, so let’s help clear things up. However, …


What are Exchange Traded Funds?

all you need to know about exchange traded funds or etfs

Exchange Traded Funds are more tax efficient than mutual funds since they don’t incur capital gains taxes when they sell assets. They also usually have lower fees than …


Starbucks reinvents itself. Stock skyrockets.

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Starbucks (ticker: SBUX) shares were skyrocketing after the coffee chain’s highly anticipated investor day on Tuesday when the company shed light on its ambitious new restructuring proposal. This …


Twilio To Lay Off 11% of Its Staff

Twilio Launches New Cloud Contact Centre API

Software developer Twilio (ticker: TWLO) has announced its decision to cut down roughly 11% of its staff in an effort to boost margins. This presents as the latest …


Rivian and Mercedes Team Up

1653995773 Rivian makes its first recall at the most inopportune moment 1

Rivian Automotive (ticker: RIVN) left investors excited with a plan tabled last week to team up with Mercedes-Benz (ticker: MBG). Wall Street shared in the excitement, too, and …


Stock Market Movers This Friday

stock market today 082522

DocuSign, Digital World, Zscaler, and Crypto Stocks are just a few of the major stock market movers this Friday. Stock futures kept rising to the close of the …