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Updated on February 12, 2024 Windsor Brokers or CMC Markets? Are you wondering which of these two brokers is worth trading with? Even before you decide to open an account ... Read More

Updated on February 12, 2024

Windsor Brokers or CMC Markets? Are you wondering which of these two brokers is worth trading with? Even before you decide to open an account with one of them and start trading with them, read our comparison first. It will help you to find out which of the brokers will offer you more assets to trade, more favorable fees or wider educational opportunities.

Basic information

At the outset, we must say that in both cases we are talking about companies with a rich history. Windsor Brokers has been operating since 1988 and CMC Markets even since 1989. However, the headquarters of the companies that mediate services for these brands to clients from the European Union are different. And the regulatory authorities that supervise them also differ accordingly. The activities of the Windsor Brokers brand are under the control of the Cyprus CySEC ( Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission ). And CMC Markets, in turn, is controlled by the German body BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority).

PlatformWindsor BrokersCMC Markets
OperatorWindsor Brokers LtdCMC Markets Germany GmbH
The seat of the operatorCyprus, LimassolGermany, Frankfurt am Main
Year of foundation19881989
License for EUCySECBaFin

Comparison of asset offerings at Windsor Brokers and CMC Markets

When we look at what services these two brokerages offer you, we find that they are identical. This means that only CFD contracts can be traded with both brokers. But not physical assets like classic stocks and ETFs.

BrokerWindsor BrokersCMC Markets
Classic actionsYesYes

CFD asset offer comparison

In terms of the number of assets to trade, you can see a clear winner in the table. And that is the broker CMC Markets , whose offer of CFD products is really wide. Unlike the Windsor Brokers broker , where you will find a rather below-average number of trading instruments. We can see a really significant difference in the offer of CFDs on shares. You will find around 10,000 of these at the CMC Markets broker, while the Windsor Brokers brand will offer you 104 of them.

Significant differences in the number of assets can also be found in other instruments, while CMC Markets will offer you more in all areas.

BrokerWindsor BrokersCMC Markets
Actions104About 10,000
ETF6About 1,000
Bonds4About 50
Forex45 currency pairsMore than 330 currency pairs
Commodities13About 80
Indexy14About 100

Comparison of conditions for CFD trading

Both of these brokers have similar trading conditions. At least if we look at the amount of financial leverage to trade. This is due to the fact that both brokers have a license for the European market. And so they have to follow certain standards. In this case, we are talking about the regulation of the European authority ESMA, which limited the amount of financial leverage for retail traders. Thus, small individual traders can trade with these brokers with a maximum leverage of 1:30.

But the situation is different for professional traders, who can close trades with a leverage of up to 1:500 with both of these brokers.

BrokerWindsor BrokersCMC Markets
Financial leverage for professionalsUp to 1:500Up to 1:500
Leverage for stocksUp to 1:5Up to 1:5
Leverage for ETFsUp to 1:5Up to 1:5
Financial leverage for bondsUp to 1:5Up to 1:5
Leverage for ForexUntil 1:30Until 1:30
Financial leverage for commoditiesUntil 1:20Until 1:20
Financial leverage for indicesUntil 1:20Until 1:20
Financial leverage for cryptocurrenciesUp to 1:2Up to 1:2

Comparison of trading platforms

From trading platforms, they will give you both these brands to choose from. At the same time, none of them must be without the popular MetaTarder 4, which is praised by both beginners and advanced traders. In addition, each of these companies has prepared its own platform. The Windsor Brokers brand has developed its own mobile application called the Windsor Brokers App. In contrast, the CMC Markets brand has prepared a platform called Next Generation for its clients, which is available not only as a mobile application, but also as a web platform.

However, with both companies, you have the option to use the web version of the trading platform, as well as the desktop version. And you can also download a mobile application from them, with which you will always have your trading close at hand. Both of these brands even allow you to do social trading as well.

BrokerWindsor BrokersCMC Markets
Number of trading platforms22
Trading platformMetaTrader 4, Windsor Brokers AppNext Generation, MetaTrader 4
Web platformAgainAgain
Desktop platformAgainAgain
Mobile tradingAgainAgain
Social tradingAgainAgain

Windsor Brokers and CMC Markets account management comparison

Both companies cater to novice traders by offering a free demo account that their clients can use for as long as they like. But with both brokers, they can delete it for you after a certain period of inactivity. A demo account is not only suitable for novice traders, but also for those who first want to get acquainted with the trading platform of the given broker. Or they just need space to practice their business strategies.

When it comes to live accounts, you will have several types to choose from at Windsor Brokers. Depending on the benefits these accounts offer, you can choose the one that suits you best. But you can only keep your accounts in foreign currency with both brands. Therefore, keep in mind that you may be subject to currency conversion fees.

BrokerWindsor BrokersCMC Markets
Multiple account typesAgainYes
Demo accountWithout time limitWithout time limit
Currency for keeping the accountUSD, GBP, EUR a JPYEUR, USD a GBP

Deposits and withdrawals with Windsor Brokers and CMC Markets

And let’s also look at the comparison of terms of deposits and withdrawals. For both brands, you can choose between three payment methods. And that’s between bank transfer and payment card. In addition, Windsor Brokers will offer you the option of payment via an internet wallet. And with CMC Markets, you can make your transaction through online banking, which you can link to your trading account.

Deposit comparison

The process of depositing funds for these brands differs in fees. While you will not find deposit fees at CMC Markets, you may encounter them at Windsor Brokers in the case of payments via internet wallets or international bank transfer.

And the limits are also different. Windsor Brokers has set a minimum limit of 50 or 1000 USD. It depends on what type of account you have chosen. After that, you can deposit any amount. You can then deposit a maximum of USD 25,000 with this broker.

There is no minimum deposit amount with CMC Brokers, however the broker recommends depositing at least £100. The maximum limit with this company is set at £50,000 per transaction.

BrokerWindsor BrokersCMC Markets
ChargePossible fees when depositing via internet wallet and international bank transferYes
Payment methodsBank transfer, payment card, internet walletBank transfer, payment card, online banking
Minimum amountFirst deposit minimum 50, or 1,000 USD (depending on account type)Not specified, at least £100 recommended
Maximum amount25 000 USDMaximum £50,000 per transaction

Comparison of selections

Withdrawal fees await you at both brokers. Specifically, with the Windsor Brokers brand, you pay $3 for each withdrawal. However, fees for withdrawals via online wallets and international bank transfers may vary. CMC Markets will then charge an international bank transfer fee.

BrokerWindsor BrokersCMC Markets
Charge$3 when withdrawing via bank transfer and credit card, fees vary for other methodsWith an international bank transfer
Payment methodsBank transfer, payment card, internet walletBank transfer, payment card, online banking
Minimum amountNot fixedNot fixed
Maximum amountNot fixedMaximum USD 40,000 in 24 hours when withdrawing by credit card

Fee comparison at Windsor Brokers and CMC Markets

And what about fees? In this part of the comparison, we will introduce not only the trading fees, but also the others.

Comparison of fees for CFD assets

First, let’s talk about trading fees. One of the main ones is, of course, the spread. That is, the difference between the purchase and sale price of the asset. It is flexible with both brokers. This means that its height is not always the same. On the contrary, it changes depending on the current market situation. Likewise, this amount changes depending on what asset you are trading. And with the Windsor Brokers broker, it also depends on the type of account you opened with the broker.

BrokerWindsor BrokersCMC Markets
SpreadVariable, depends on account typeMovable
Commission feesZero A VIP Zero account only – $8 per actionWhen trading CFDs on stocks and ETFs, the amount of the fee is different for each exchange

Compare additional fees

Among other fees, we have to mention the inactivity fee charged by both of these companies. Windsor Brokers deducts $20 every 6 months and CMC Markets deducts £10 every month after one year of inactivity.

BrokerWindsor BrokersCMC Markets
Deposit feePossible fees when depositing via internet wallet and international bank transferYes
Withdrawal fee$3 when withdrawing via bank transfer and credit card, fees vary for other methodsWith an international bank transfer
Currency conversion feeAccording to the tariff of the client’s bankAccording to the tariff of the client’s bank
Inactivity fee$20 for every 6 months of inactivity£10 per month after one year of inactivity

Comparison of customer service and education

Also, customer service and educational opportunities testify to the kind of services a broker provides to its clients. So let’s see how these companies are doing. First of all, we have to point out that not one of them supports the Czech language. This means that you will not be able to communicate with customer support in Czech. And at the same time, you won’t even read educational articles in Czech.

Customer service

Customer service at both companies is very fast and helpful. You can contact him via online chat, email and phone. The difference here is that while with Windsor Brokers, the online chat is available to everyone on the broker’s website. However, at CMC Markets it can only be used by clients after logging into their account. Support for both brokers is active around the clock. CMC Markets will answer you anytime from Monday to Friday, Windsor Brokers also on weekends.

BrokerWindsor BrokersCMC Markets
Customer service in CzechYesYes
Contact methodOnline chat, email, phoneEmail, phone, live chat on the platform
ActiveContinuouslyContinuously from Monday to Friday

Education at Windsor Brokers and CMC Markets

From what the table shows you, it is clear that the education at Windsor Brokers and CMC Markets is very good. Both brokers will provide you with educational articles, videos, as well as the opportunity to participate in various seminars and webinars.

BrokerWindsor BrokersCMC Markets
Educational articles on the webAgainAgain
Educational videosAgainAgain
Seminars / webinarsAgainAgain

Safety comparison

You don’t have to worry about safety with these two brands. Both are regulated by the European supervisory authority and therefore have the necessary licenses. Moreover, these are companies that have been operating on the market for a really long time. You can count on them to secure your accounts against a negative balance and insure your finances against the bankruptcy of the broker. Up to EUR 20,000

BrokerWindsor BrokersCMC Markets
License for EUCySECBaFin
Year of foundation19881989
Protection against negative balanceAgainAgain
InsuranceUp to EUR 20,000Up to EUR 20,000

Comparison Summary – Windsor Brokers or CMC Markets?

Do you already know which broker impressed you the most? Would you prefer Windsor Brokers or CMC Markets? If you’re still unsure about your choice, our summary might help. In the following table you will find a comparison of the pluses and minuses that we found with these brokerage companies.

BrokerWindsor BrokersCMC Markets
AdvantagesAlso offers CFDs on bonds

Supports social trading

Demo account without time limit

Minimum and maximum amount of withdrawals without limits

Customer support active around the clock

Very good educational opportunities including seminars / webinars
Wide selection of CFD products including CFD bonds

Own trading platform

Supports social trading

Unlimited time demo account

No deposit fees

Minimum amount for deposits and withdrawals is not set

Very good educational opportunities including seminars or webinars
DisadvantagesOffers only CFD products

Smaller selection of trading instruments

Account cannot be kept in CZK

Does not support the Czech language

Fees for withdrawals

Fee for inactivity
It only offers CFD products

The account cannot be kept in CZK

Fee for withdrawals by international bank transfer

Does not support the Czech language

Higher spreads

Fee for inactivity

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