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Updated on February 12, 2024 Are you thinking about how to further diversify your portfolio? There are many ways to invest your money so that you appreciate it, or at ... Read More

Updated on February 12, 2024

Are you thinking about how to further diversify your portfolio? There are many ways to invest your money so that you appreciate it, or at least preserve its value over time. Investing in real estate is also one of the options. And today we will introduce you to one of the portals that deals with real estate investments. Specifically, among other things, to agricultural land. The Czech portal Investuj do polje goes.

Reviews Invest in the field quickly and clearly

The company Investuj do Pole presents itself as a family company, whose members apply their 10 years of experience in the industry. And this, among other things, in the Levné pole project, which offers the possibility of buying agricultural areas of various sizes throughout the Czech Republic. However, the Investuj do polje project should focus not only on large investors, but also on the wider public.

The most basic about Invest in the field

Invest in the field is a portal that deals with the purchase and sale of agricultural land. The company, which operates under the trade name Správa TOP realit, is based in Liberec. But it operates its activities not only in this region, but throughout the Czech Republic. The company was founded in 2021, so it is relatively young. However, her team is talking about more than 10 years of experience in the field.

What the company will offer you

As the name suggests, the Investuj do pole portal offers traders the opportunity to invest in fields, meadows, forests, orchards, but also in construction or commercial land. That is, to commodities in the form of mainly agricultural land. And that in different areas and in different regions. It provides its services both to those who already have a field and want to sell it, and to those who would like to invest their savings in this way. Now let’s imagine how it all works.

Land sellers

The services of the portal can be used not only by investors, but also by those who have decided to sell their arable land. This is done by the owner of the land contacting the Investuj do Polje company and informing them of the cadastral area in which the land is located, as well as the parcel number. Then it’s the Invest in the Field team’s turn to determine the market price and negotiate with the seller in an online meeting where there is room for both parties to agree on the details. The expert team of Investuj do Polje will then start looking for a buyer.

And that on the one hand among the owners of the surrounding plots of land, on the other hand on advertising websites and social networks. The entire creation, management and publication of the ad rests on the shoulders of the company. As well as subsequent communication with potential buyers. At the same time, the company will also take care of purchase contracts and their signing. After the conclusion of all the necessary contracts, the buyer subsequently receives his finances from the portal as agreed.

This entire process is completely free for the seller. It therefore does not pay for pricing, preparation of contracts or publication of advertisements. In addition, he can also save on travel, since the meeting with a member of the Invest in the Field team can only take place online. And subsequent signings of purchase contracts can also be handled by correspondence.

Land investors

But our readers will probably be more interested in why and how they can invest in land.

Is it worth investing in land?

Of course, we cannot understand real estate as a short-term investment on which you can earn several times in a few hours. Therefore, rather than intraday traders, this investment is suitable for longer-term investors who like to rely on less risky investments. However, even intraday traders can use this type of investment to expand their portfolio and thus diversify the risk of their trades. However, they have to reckon with the fact that the appreciation of their savings here will take years.

There are two ways you can make money investing in arable land. For one thing, you can get paid to rent it. The Investuj do Polje portal can also find tenants who will cultivate your land. Often, however, these plots already have such tenants. And it is up to you whether you decide to rent out your newly acquired land to them or not. In addition to the rent, however, you can earn by selling it when the price of the land rises to the amount you require. The price of fields in the Czech Republic is rising year-on-year. And not only together with the increase in the price of real estate as such. But also in connection with the fact that agricultural land is still decreasing. The Invest in the Field portal presents this fact in the following graph:


The advantages of investing in agricultural land instead of other real estate also lie in the fact that it can be purchased much more cheaply than, for example, a house or apartment. And that already from tens or hundreds of thousands of crowns. At the same time, it is not necessary to invest in them subsequently. The land does not need to be managed expensively. Whereas if you bought a house and left it without proper care, it would deteriorate over time and thus lose its value.

How the investment at Investuj do pole works

How the investment at Investuj do polje takes place The entire process of buying agricultural land is also very simple on the portal. The first step an investor should take is to click on the current offer of land for sale.

There were a total of 475 available at the time this ad was created, so there is definitely plenty to choose from. At the same time, plots of land from different regions of the Czech Republic are available at different prices. You can find plots with a price of around 30 thousand, but those whose price ranges in the order of millions.

image 1

For each advertisement, you will find cadastral maps in which the plots of land for sale are marked. You will also learn about the location and nature of the land, its price and area. At the same time, you can also look at what, according to the Investuj do polje portal, the land could be worth in 10 years. By the way, you can also calculate the estimated growth of the investment using the calculator, which you can find on the Invest in the Field website. Here you can choose the current price of the land and the period for which you want to hold it.

Piece of land

When you find a suitable piece of land in which you would like to invest, you just need to contact a member of the team in charge of selling the land. You will also find it with every ad. He will reserve the land for you and contact you with further details regarding the purchase and the preparation of purchase contracts. The company itself will take care of them. The mutual agreement is followed by the actual preparation of purchase contracts and their signing. This can take place either in person or by correspondence. Depending on which option suits you best. Together with their signature and payment of the purchase price, you become the owner of the given plot of land. And then you can just watch how its value develops. Or even profit from the rent.

How to open an account on Invest in the field

The Invest in the Field portal does not currently offer the option of registration. Everything is handled through online meetings with company team members. So if you are interested in selling or buying land, you must contact one of them. On the other hand, you can at least sign up for the newsletter, where you can find the most current offers.


Unfortunately, we have to say that when it comes to fees, the company does not transparently state how it actually is with them. From the information on the website, we can only find out that the sellers have the whole process completely free. And that includes estimating the market price, advertising and contract preparation. All services are to be billed to the buyer. However, how much this server actually charges the buyer is not stated anywhere. However, according to the customer service we contacted with this question, the buyer only pays an administrative fee of 2,000 crowns in addition to the purchase price.

Customer service and education

The great advantage of this server is that it is of Czech origin. And so all communication takes place in the Czech language.

Customer service

As we have already mentioned, all sales and purchases of not only agricultural land take place here through communication with team members. You can contact them not only when you decide to sell or buy, but also when you are interested in anything related to investing in this company. You can contact Investuj do pole by phone, email or contact form.

Experience with Invest in the field

There are not many clients who have shared the Investuj do pole brand evaluation. But when we look at these reviews, they are overwhelmingly positive. Buyers praise the quick course of the entire process, when everything went smoothly, as well as the professional behavior of the company. On the other hand, however, we found a negative assessment that related to the fact that the company did not have an overview of the condition of the land it is selling. This may also be due to the fact that this brand operates throughout the Czech Republic and therefore does not have the capacity to personally inspect all the plots it offers for sale. Therefore, we recommend that you visit the property in person before you commit to buying it, in your own interest.

Invest in the Field Review – Summary

The Investuj do pole portal facilitates the quick purchase or sale of various types of land for its clients. At the same time, he will take care of the entire course of the process, including estimating the market price, preparing purchase contracts and signing them. Here, investors can find a really wide range of offered land in which they can decide to invest. Just be careful to see for yourself the condition of the plot of land you have chosen.

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