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IPO: Investing in an initial public offering

Updated on November 3, 2023

Today, we will focus our sights on Dluhopisomat. A Czech portal whose mission is to connect investors with bond issuers. Together, in this review, we’ll take a look at how the site works and what you can expect from it. Of course, we will also focus on its security and the fees it charges for its services.

Reviews Dluhopisomat quickly and clearly

The Dluhopisomat server provides a service to both investors, who can choose between a number of bond issues, and issuers, who can advertise their issues here. Investors can be sure that they are choosing from truly safe bonds.

According to Dluhopisomat, issuers go through a really strict selection process and only the truly safest ones are chosen.

The most basic about Dluhopisomat

The Dluhopisomat bond portal first saw the light of day in 2017 and was launched under the auspices of the investment group CFG (Comfort Finance Group). It was founded in 2010 by Petr Cimala and Andrej Štaňko.

In the beginning, it focused on secured lending and real estate transactions. Gradually, the group’s specialization expanded to include legal services, information technology and now bonds. Currently, it has 7 projects under its umbrella, of which Dluhopisomat is one.

Over the years, the portal has focused on streamlining its services. In 2019, the site was redesigned to make it clearer for investors and issuers. Last year, it started online bond purchases, which led to a faster connection between investors and issuers.

Till date, more than 1,000 investors have invested through the platform, making more than CZK 500 million worth of investments.

What Dluhopisomat can offer you?

Dluhopisomat provides its services to issuers and investors. The company that issued the bonds offers its issue for advertising on the Dluhopisomat portal and the latter duly checks the issuer and its bonds either allows or rejects the company’s advertisement.

It should be noted that Dluhopisomat only advertises corporate bonds issued by private companies and no government bonds will be found here.

Then comes the investor who has decided to invest in a bond and would like to find the right securities.

All he has to do is to go o the website of Dluhopisomat and enter the section with the offer of issues. These issues are overwhelmingly secured. Either real estate or another asset. At that time the review was written there were a total of 13 issues available, with annual interest rates ranging from 10% to 13%.

Bond offer

There is enough information on all the securities you can find on the Dluhopisomat server. You can thus sufficiently examine not only the parameters of the issue, but also the issuer itself. By clicking on the individual offers, you can find out what the annual interest rate is, what the minimum investment is, the maturity year or what percentage of the total issue is invested. You can also see what the issue is secured with. Last but not least, you can find out basic information about the company and see its performance. The information you will find here is truly comprehensive and transparent.

Yield calculator

For each issue, you can also calculate exactly how much you will earn on your investment. Just enter the right parameters. That is, select the issue you are interested in and choose the amount you want to invest. The calculator will evaluate what your monthly payout will be and what your net return will be.

Bond Comparator

Another of the services offered by Dluhopisomat is the Bond Comparator. Here you can see detailed information on 1,800 corporate and government bonds. Based on information from independent sources, you can compare their collateral, annual interest rate and maturity date. In addition, you can also view more detailed information about the issue and the issuer. And if a bond seems like the right investment for you, you can invest in it online.

How to invest with Dluhopisomat

If one of the bond issues on offer catches your eye, you have two options. You can either make a non-binding enquiry. In this case, you fill in a short questionnaire with your name, surname and contact details. The Bondomat team will then get in touch with you, explain everything about the bond issue and, if necessary, pass on the contact details to the issuer.

The second option is that you decide to invest in the bond directly. You can do this online directly with the issuer. The actual investment in the bond does not therefore take place via a server – the server only arranges for the issuer and the investor to get in touch. The actual ordering of the bonds, payment, contract and shipment of the securities then takes place between the investor and the issuer.

How to open an account on Dluhopisomat

There is currently no registration option on the site for investors. So you do not need to have an account to invest in any of the issues. If only because the communication regarding the bonds takes place from placing the order to receiving the securities with the issuer itself.

Fees at Dluhopisomat

And how much do you pay for the services that Dluhopisomat provides? Nothing. Currently, investors can use this server with everything it offers them completely free of charge.

Customer service and education

Right from the start, we must point out that this is a Czech company. All communication with customer service is therefore in Czech. You will therefore have no problem communicating. Similarly, all educational materials are in Czech.

Customer service
If you have any questions, you can check the FAQ section first. However, if there is something you are wondering about that you can’t find in this section, there is no problem contacting customer support. They are available every weekday from 9am to 6pm. You can contact them by email or phone. You can call yourself. And you can also request a callback by selecting a date and time when the support team should call you back. In addition, you can leave a message and your contact details. Customer service will then contact you with an answer to your query.

Although Dluhopisomat only offers issue advertising and investor-issuer connections, it also offers its clients the possibility of education. Both by educating them on the different types of bonds and explaining various trading terms, and by providing articles on their blog. Here they are provided with news and guides them through the world of investments.

Bondomat is not among the companies that broker trading in any asset. Therefore, you are not entrusting this company with your funds, which it would then go on to invest itself. In fact, you make payments for the acquisition of securities directly to their issuers. They are selected very carefully on the basis of 45 criteria. And supposedly only 1 in 17 will pass, which really isn’t very many. So you can be sure you’re really going to find the safest ones.

Experience with Dluhopisomat

The client reviews that can be found on the web are very positive. Investors here praise the clarity of the site and also the filtering of individual issuers. According to their reactions, the payouts come regularly as they are supposed to. We can also find reviews from people who have decided to invest repeatedly in bonds advertised on this platform. So they probably have a previous positive experience.

Dluhopisomat review – summary
Dluhopisomat is the ideal place for those who want to invest in a bond from a truly proven issuer. Here you can choose securities from a variety of companies in different industries, offering different annual interest rates, minimum investment amounts and also different maturity lengths. You can browse all the detailed information about each issue in one place for free. The server has currently been running for 6 years, which is not very long. But looking at the customer reviews, we can say that it provides a really good service to investors.


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