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symbol image for Soft Commodities vs Hard Commodities showing a hand full of cotton and metal balls next to each other

Soft Commodities vs. Hard Commodities

Seasoned investors worldwide agree that trading commodities play a significant role in balancing out a portfolio. However, for inexperienced investors, the concern would be comparing soft commodities vs. hard commodities. …

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a symbol image for the question Is Land a Commodity where we see nice green land

Is Land a Commodity?

Commodity trading is one of the main ways investors grow their money steadily. Although the definition ‘commodities’ represents many different natural resources, there has been a lot of debate on …

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Blue Digital room whith white people in it symbol for Do Metaverse ETFs Pay Dividends

Do Metaverse ETFs Pay Dividends?

Visions of humanity’s future place us in a virtual reality. Here, every aspect of our lives is conducted in a seemingly alternate universe. Therefore it stands to reason that we …

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Symbol image for Is Forex Recession Proof it shows a shopping trolley with stock chart as background

Is Forex Recession Proof?

Recession rumours have plagued most of 2022, with many placing the possible timeline somewhere around late 2023. This information has many investors searching for different avenues to protect their investments …

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