Written by Brenda Nakalema

A few megatrends to watch out for in 2022.

The year 2021 has been volatile for stocks, with the covid-19 variants constantly sending shockwaves down the markets. Let’s take …

The year 2021 has been volatile for stocks, with the covid-19 variants constantly sending shockwaves down the markets. Let’s take a moment to look ahead to some major technology trends expected to catch fire in 2022 and what stocks might be big winners next year.

Cloud Computing


The cloud computing giant picked for study today is Amazon (ticker: AMZN), which has enjoyed being at the head of the pack for a while, with its AWS business now topping $16 billion in revenue for a quarter. Despite this, there have been two noteworthy AWS outages in recent months. An in-depth look brings to light the fact that Amazon’s stock price lagged the S&P 500 with a mere 4.8 % gain through Dec. 28. And yet, because the cloud computing phenomenon is still expected to grow enormously in 2022, paired with the fact that AWS is Amazon’s cash cow, it is expected that next year will be much better for Amazon shareholders.


Oracle (ticker: ORCL) experienced phenomenal growth in 2021, capped off by a $28 billion deal to acquire Cerner, a company that sells software to help doctors access and analyze medical records. 2021 saw Oracle show off how strong its cloud computing business is, a business exceeding $10 billion annually. These factors combined with its strong stock performance- gains of 37% through Dec. 28- and expected market stability in the future, 2021 looks pretty good for Oracle.



With the Metaverse being one of 2021’s more googled words, the company now known as Meta Platforms (ticker: FB) and formerly known as Facebook can almost take credit for coining the phrase. However, Roblox (ticker: RBLX) already has 17 years of creating immersive experiences that could be considered the Metaverse under its belt. The company claims that half of U.S children are on the platform and that a developer community spanning 10 million has created more than 24 million experiences on the Roblox platform.

As Meta and other similar companies throw their weight behind AR to create the metaverse experience, Roblox has created a more real-world feel to its gaming platform, making it’s a true pioneer in the space. The practical approach used by the company, combined with continued platform adoption, could lead to bigger gains for investors.


You’ve heard of Metaverse, but did you know about Omniverse? The CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, claims the company has played a crucial role in the development of the metaverse technology with its omniverse platform. With 40 million developers primed to play within the metaverse space, NVIDIA’s technology seems primed to hand them the tools to unlock the metaverse world. NVIDIA investors can expect big wins in the future.



The other buzzword on the technology streets has been 5G which had always been a hot topic but gained steam in 2021 with more than 560 million 5G handsets worldwide. Qualcomm (ticker: QCOM) seems to have its hand in multiple cookie jars and will benefit both as a leading chipmaker and licenser of 5G technologies that are necessary for every 5G device to operate. With 5G technology being applicable to headsets and automotive, IoT, infrastructure, and more, Qualcomm shareholders will be laughing all the way to the bank.


Key to their 2019 settlement regarding their license agreement, Apple (ticker: AAPL) continues to depend on Qualcomm for 5G chipsets and technology. Since rolling out the iPhone 13 with 5G technology, the company has become the global leader in 5G handset shipments.

Digital Transformation


Microsoft (ticker: MSFT) had an awesome year with its stock up 53% through Dec. 28 and both revenue and profit in an upward trajectory every quarter. With a portfolio worthy of envy, ranging from software to cloud to devices, the company has positioned itself to win from multiple corners. Even with the current market conditions, rising inflation, covid-19 variants, shipping delays, Microsoft is a company primed to keep winning.


Google parent company Alphabet (ticker: GOOGL) experienced stock market gains of 67% through Dec. 28. Its massive Ad revenues play a huge part in its ability to earn big. Yet, other factors such as its modern productivity suite, which includes cloud, SaaS, business collaborations and others, can’t be overlooked. Its wide range of offerings makes it a great partner for any business looking to win in the digital space, which in turn means big wins for shareholders.

E-commerce and Customer Experience


Adobe might be a company to keep a close eye on in 2022. Its stock took a huge hit following its earnings and investor day. Nonetheless, its roster of creative and experience technologies for marketers puts it in a prime position to stage an impressive comeback in 2022.


Twilio (ticker: TWLO) is yet another underdog whose stock is down 23% through Dec. 28. This shouldn’t fool investors into thinking this stock’s a loser; the company’s technology, developer ecosystem, and several strategic acquisitions placed the company in an excellent position as one of the leading platforms for enterprises looking to deliver the best customer experiences through mobile and digital platforms.

Artificial Intelligence


Investors placed their vote with the wallets making NVIDIA’s stock market valuation upwards of $760 billion, soon to be valued at $1 trillion. With the company’s ability to play in different spaces within the AI community, such as AI for gaming, Metaverse, recommendations, or automotive application, the company is primed for the win with its software, hardware, and frameworks needed to implement AI, even at scale.


2022 is expected to be a great year for Amazon’s chipmaking division. Even with its AWS portfolio of AI and machine learning services that offer GPUs from notable names like Intel and NVIDIA, the company has crafted a future where it offers highly competitive performance for AI training and inference.

Autonomous Vehicle/ ADAS technology

Intel Mobileye

While the interest in autonomous vehicles gains greater traction, a few technology makers might win big in the coming year, such as Lucid (ticker: LCID) and Rivian (ticker: RIVN), whose stock market values are currently above household names such as GM, Volkswagen, BMW and others despite not reporting any revenue. Mobileye, currently part of Intel (ticker: INTC), is set to make huge wins for investors in 2022, owing to the more than 100 million eyeQ ADAS units being shipped by the company to date.


Qualcomm’s automotive design business has swelled about $10 billion due to BMW, and GM’s recent design wins. The company is definitely set to become the next billion-dollar annual business from its current trajectory. Its Snapdragon Ride Platform is a comprehensive mix of components to address advanced driver systems, telematics, infotainment; all of which can be handled on an open platform, thus making it easier for large automakers to adapt upgrade their vehicles within a short period of time.