Written by Brenda Nakalema

Stocks releasing earnings reports this week

This week, the U.S. stock market curved out a small gain due to strong retail earnings and a strong performance …

This week, the U.S. stock market curved out a small gain due to strong retail earnings and a strong performance by tech shares. Despite the looming inflation concerns, investors appear to be pleased with the results delivered by their investments so far.

With that in mind, major indexes displayed mixed results this past week; The S&P 500 rose 0.3%, The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.4%, with Boeing (ticker: B.A.) and Goldman Sachs Group (G.S.) facing a particularly difficult time.  As a result of the index being price-weighted, Goldman and Boeing, which experienced a combined drop of 5.8% due to delayed 787 deliveries, influenced the index swing much more than other lower-priced stocks like Intel (INTC). The Nasdaq composite rose 1.2%, hitting a record on Friday as tech stocks continued to rise.

This Tuesday, investors will get quarterly results from big brands, including Best Buy, Burlington stores, Dick’s sporting goods, Dollar Tree and Gap. As shoppers prepare for Black Friday, it will be interesting to see if these powerful brands have managed to surpass analysts’ expectations.

According to the National Retail Federation, an estimated $851 billion will be spent by U.S. consumers during the festive season, a 9.5% increase from last year’s expenditure. Friday will mark the kick-off of the holiday shopping craze and will probably be one of the busiest shopping days of the period.

Other companies included in this week’s earnings calendar include Zoom Video Communications, Autodesk, Dell technologies, VMware, Deere.

Let’s look at how the release of quarterly earnings will be spread out throughout the week.

Monday 22nd November 2021

The release of quarterly earnings from Agile Technologies, Keysight Technologies and Zoom Video Communications.

Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Analog devices, Best Buy, Burlington stores, Dell Technologies, Dick’s sporting goods, Dollar Tree, Gap, H.P. Inc, J. M Smucker, Jacobs Engineering  Group, Medtronic and VMware.

Wednesday 24th November 2021

Deere issues report on fiscal fourth-quarter 2021 results.

There’s going to be a lot of chatter this week as many other companies will also be releasing their earnings this week as represented in the table below.

TimeSymbolCompany NameMarket CapFiscal Quarter EndingConsensus EPS* ForecastLast Year’s EPS*
ZMZoom Video Communications, Inc.$75,990,460,936Oct/2021$0.71$0.66
AAgilent Technologies, Inc.$49,089,507,842Oct/2021$1.17$0.98
KEYSKeysight Technologies Inc.$35,783,727,585Oct/2021$1.51$1.52
ARWRArrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Inc.$7,376,342,362Sep/2021$0.04($0.48)
AVALGrupo Aval Acciones y Valores S.A.$6,071,577,170Sep/2021$0.16$0.19
TWSTTwist Bioscience Corporation$5,528,101,837Sep/2021($0.80)($0.54)
ANATAmerican National Group, Inc.$5,087,595,984Sep/2021$1.01
ZHZhihu Inc.$4,480,812,836Sep/2021($0.05)N/A
KFYKorn Ferry$4,479,303,901Oct/2021$1.37$0.54
CRNCCerence Inc.$3,917,329,233Sep/2021$0.31$0.17
URBNUrban Outfitters, Inc.$3,683,726,631Oct/2021$0.84$0.78
SRSpire Inc.$3,167,719,714Sep/2021($0.68)($0.37)
CENTCentral Garden & Pet Company$2,988,678,404Sep/2021($0.27)$0.25
TUYATuya Inc.$2,921,947,622Sep/2021($0.05)N/A
CENTACentral Garden & Pet Company$2,693,988,585Sep/2021($0.27)$0.25
ENTAEnanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.$1,871,490,813Sep/2021($1.31)($0.55)
NIUNiu Technologies$1,818,395,976Sep/2021$0.22$0.15
FNAParagon 28, Inc.$1,711,561,060Sep/2021($0.08)N/A
LWLGLightwave Logic, Inc.$1,617,225,049Sep/2021($0.02)
AVYAAvaya Holdings Corp.$1,543,611,898Sep/2021$0.74$1.20
AFYAAfya Limited$1,354,220,904Sep/2021$0.17$0.18
CANGCango Inc.$634,901,831Sep/2021$0.05$1.73
BBIGVinco Ventures, Inc.$491,455,585Sep/2021($0.30)
CHAACatcha Investment Corp.$365,625,000Sep/2021N/A
IBEXIBEX Limited$336,551,877Sep/2021$0.25$0.31
GOBIGobi Acquisition Corp.$312,634,293Sep/2021N/A
KMDAKamada Ltd.$250,355,478Sep/2021$0.03$0.15
QIPTQuipt Home Medical Corp.$222,776,944Sep/2021$0.01N/A
SJScienjoy Holding Corporation$191,236,774Sep/2021$0.31
GNSSGenasys Inc.$180,349,044Sep/2021$0.01$0.08
TNPTsakos Energy Navigation Ltd$167,969,307Sep/2021($1.12)($0.55)
ADMPAdamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation$134,741,957Sep/2021($0.06)($0.10)
MLVFMalvern Bancorp, Inc.$126,149,329Sep/2021$0.25$0.30
VVPRVivoPower International PLC$110,281,478Sep/2021N/A
HEPAHepion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.$99,855,082Sep/2021($0.69)
ATNF180 Life Sciences Corp.$97,844,000Sep/2021($0.36)
FRDFriedman Industries Inc.$95,558,587Sep/2021($0.04)
DSSDSS, Inc.$78,956,401Sep/2021($0.07)($0.30)
BSFCBlue Star Foods Corp.$78,688,383Sep/2021$0.01N/A
LMFALM Funding America, Inc.$78,600,146Sep/2021($1.40)
NUZENuZee, Inc.$75,558,453Sep/2021N/A
MPACModel Performance Acquisition Corp.$72,090,625Sep/2021N/A
UCLuCloudlink Group Inc.$71,249,783Sep/2021($0.23)($0.34)
NMNavios Maritime Holdings Inc.$71,218,846Sep/2021$0.06
DLPNDolphin Entertainment, Inc.$69,069,252Sep/2021($0.05)
ELYSElys Game Technology, Corp.$66,160,443Sep/2021($0.10)($0.08)
MULNMullen Automotive, Inc.$64,815,725Sep/2021$0.16($0.28)
FEDUFour Seasons Education (Cayman) Inc.$64,767,346Aug/2021$0.01
ONEOneSmart International Education Group Limited$64,648,150Aug/2021N/A
TimeSymbolCompany NameMarket CapFiscal Quarter EndingConsensus EPS* ForecastLast Year’s EPS*
GAMEEngine Gaming and Media, Inc.$47,152,621Aug/2021($0.37)N/A
COEChina Online Education Group$44,083,837Sep/2021$0.20
CREGChina Recycling Energy Corporation$37,524,963Sep/2021($0.25)
CUENCuentas, Inc.$37,388,181Sep/2021N/A
ENVBEnveric Biosciences, Inc.$34,720,512Sep/2021($0.80)
JPJupai Holdings Limited$33,889,677Sep/2021($0.01)
FFHLFuwei Films (Holdings) Co., Ltd.$29,882,408Sep/2021$0.61
NESNuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc.$26,560,132Sep/2021($0.40)
SINTSiNtx Technologies, Inc.$23,159,131Sep/2021($0.11)
BRTXBioRestorative Therapies, Inc.$22,110,310Sep/2021N/A
JANJanOne Inc.$14,730,806Sep/2021($0.43)
CTIBYunhong CTI Ltd.$11,125,957Sep/2021($0.19)
MTRMesa Royalty Trust$10,846,093Sep/2021N/A